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Memo on Human Rights Day March (Analysis)

To the Constitutional Court and The Human Rights Commission
Friday 14 September 2007
Today, 21st March 2007, marks Human Rights Day in South Africa. It is a day for both celebrating those human rights the majority of people have won through a long struggle and for demanding the realisation of human rights as enshrined in the South African Constitution. Our central demands (...)


Friday 14 September 2007
As the delegation of the South African Social Movements Indaba proceeds to Nairobi on January 19th to meet in Conference with social movements and other like-minded social actors coming from all over the globe, we wish to state categorically that we continue to stand foursquare on the platform (...)

Violence and strikes in South Africa

We cannot build a workers movement through violence against workers (Analysis)

Force or persuasion? Violence or respect?
Wednesday 4 October 2006 by Trevor

The recent violence in the strike of security workers in South Africa was terrible. Many ordinary workers died at the hands of other workers like themselves. Why did this happen? How can we make sure it does not happen again? What causes violence in strikes? Who is to blame?

Stolen electricity stolen revolution

How can it be that to get electricity, you must break the law??? (Analysis)

Capitalist polices rob people of their right to electricity
Monday 18 September 2006 by Trevor

Millions of ordinary South African have to "steal" electricity. They cannot afford to pay for it. So they illegally connect themselves. This act has been praised and condemned by some depending on their politics. But in this article we ask the question of what it means when people must steal in order to get what they need. Enjoy.

Towards a People’s Budget (Analysis)

Thursday 1 January 2004 by APF

Late last year, National Finance Minister Trevor Manuel unveiled his ‘Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS)’. The MTBPS is designed to provide a longer-term policy framework for the next several annual budgets. As part of the MTBPS, Manuel announced that the ANC government would be spending an extra R37 billion over the next few years, most of which is supposed to go towards social services and public works programmes. All the mainstream media and most political leaders and commentators fell over themselves to congratulate Manuel and the ANC government. No one asked whether this money even comes close to making up for the huge budget cuts that Manuel and the ANC government have made since the introduction of GEAR in 1996 or what real impact the expenditure will have on all those who have lost their jobs and are struggling just to survive. Crucially though, no one questioned whether the people who are supposed to benefit from this expenditure were actually involved in deciding how public monies are going to be spent.

Fighting Propaganda: To the Editor of the Star (Analysis)

Wednesday 1 October 2003 by APF

The lengthy letter by City of Johannesburg Media Liaison, Mbangwa Xaba (Phiri living conditions a cruel reminder of the past The Star September 16th) is more of a propaganda piece for the Council’s Operation Gcin’amanzi (‘conserve water’) than an honest assessment of the situation of Phiri residents. Besides ignoring the fact that the Council’s housing plan for Phiri residents has yet to see the light of day three years after being announced as a ‘special project’, Xaba uses the continued plight of Phiri residents to rationalise the Council’s 5-year, R50 million Operation Gcin’amanzi to ensure the further privatisation of water for Phiri and all Soweto residents.

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