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Five Kliptown activists convicted after 18 month ’trial’ (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

Wednesday 11 March 2009 by Nic

After 18 month-long trial, five community activists found guilty of public violence for daring to demand service delivery in Kliptown (Soweto)

All is Not Free and Fair in Ward 19 By-Elections for the 28th January 2009 (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

22 January 2009
Thursday 22 January 2009 by Nic

On the 19th January 2009 the offices of the Kliptown Concerned Residents (KCR) was burgled and office equipment was stolen by unknown thugs. The KCR offices are located at the Kliptown Community Centre next to the Kliptown Police Station. The property belongs to Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) and it is home to many organisations and business forums. KCR has been occupying the office since late last year and there were no incidents reported but when KCR made it public that it will be contesting the coming by-elections in Ward 19 on the 28th January 2009, all hell broke loose.

Kliptown residents march to Mandela (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

Tuesday 8 July 2008 by Ahmed

Kliptown residents don’t join the world in celebrating Saint Mandela’s birthday.

We want him to share our poverty with the rest of the world

A call to a people’s inspection of Kliptown (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

5 February 2008
Thursday 22 May 2008 by Ahmed

The community of Kliptown (Soweto) will be hosting a People’s Inspection of the social and living conditions of the working class in Kliptown on the 6th of February 2008.

A reportback on the People’s Inspection of Kliptown (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

6 March 2008
Thursday 22 May 2008 by Ahmed

The Kliptown Concerned Residents held a public meeting to report to the community the outcomes of the People’s Inspection of the area on the 6th of February. The meeting took take place on 11 March at 10 a.m. at the Kliptown Community Centre.

Arrested for demanding housing - the trial of Kliptown protestors continues (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

4th April 2008
Friday 4 April 2008 by Ahmed

On the 03rd September 2007 more than twenty comrades were arrested in community protests organized by the Anti Privatisation Forum against the slow or non-delivery of services in Soweto (Kliptown and Protea South). Fourteen comrades were arrested in Protea South though only four of those charged were taken to the Protea Magistrate’s court on the 4th of September 2007 and the others were released after being held captive for more than 24 hours without any charges being laid. In Kliptown, twelve comrades were arrested for public violence including five juveniles (underage, school-going children) and have been appearing in court since September 2007. Their next appearance is scheduled for 16 April 2008.

Kliptown March pamphlet (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

Friday 14 December 2007
Kliptown Concern Residents (KCR) Bahlali Base Kliptown wozani kune March Venue : Gather at Kliptown community center (next to Police Station) Time : 09h00 ekuseni Date : 14 August 2007 Agenda 1. Izindlu kuwonke umuntu (nomuntu ohlala emkhuhwini) 2. Electricity for all (ugesi wamahala (...)

Invitation letters (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

Friday 14 December 2007
Kliptown Concerned Residents/Anti Privatisation Forum No. 123 Corner Pritchard and Mooi Street 6th Floor Rosa Luxemburg House Johannesburg P.O Box 13174 BRAAMFONTEIN 2001 Tel: (011) 333-8334 Fax: (011) 333-8356 Reg no: 024/640NPO Dear Sir or (...)

Door to door mass meeting pamphlet (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

Friday 14 December 2007
Kliptown Concerned Residents/ Anti Privatisation Forum Date : 21 July 2007 Venue: Kliptown Community Center Time : 14h00 Agenda 1. The development of houses in Kliptown: inputs like electricity, sanitation, water and roads. 2. Crime 3. Hawkers problems 4. Wayforward 5. Closing Contact Sipho @ (...)

Kliptown Concerned Residents call for unity (Kliptown Concerned Residents - KCR)

Friday 14 December 2007
We are the residents of Kliptown and surrounding areas. We are fighting for service delivery in our area. Our organisation is the Kliptown Concerned Residents. We are affiliated to the Anti-Privatisation Forum. We also work with other community and political organisations in the area. UNITED WE (...)

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