In solidarity with Stallion Security officers fired from World Cup jobs

Friday 18 June 2010 by Nic

The Anti-Privatisation Forum condemns the way FIFA’s Local Organising Committee (LOC), Stallion Security and the police have brutalised the guards hired to provide security services at World Cup stadiums. Police have opened fire with ’rubber’ bullets to disperse guards who were protesting after Stallion told them that they would not be paid what had been promised to them. The workers had a legitimate grievance and therefore had the right to express their discontent about their remunerations. Whatever the contract the company had with the LOC, it did not indicate that their personnel would be paid as little as the R190 they received. Some were promised as much as R1500 a day and clearly their hopes for employment during the World Cup were abused. After realizing that they had been misled, they did what it is their democratic right to do and protested peacefully. We therefore salute all the workers who were involved in this struggle. The company that hired them, together with the LOC and FIFA should be held responsible for the whole mess and they must be charged for bridging the employees’ contract. Poor people should not be taken for granted by the elites who are only reaping what they sowed.

Lies have been peddled by FIFA and the LOC to lure poor people into believing that they will be either finding jobs or earning some money during the World Cup. The outcome for most has been debt and retrenchment. Many poor people lent money from banks to renovate their homes with the hope of hosting guests for the duration of the event. This proved to be only a dream as people realized very late that no one was coming to stay at their houses in townships. This means that they will not be able to recover their expenses. Rather than the promised prosperity, the only thing brought by the World Cup is misery and hardship for the poor people of this country.

The APF stands united with everyone who is against the exploitation of the majority for the benefit of the few. Phambili ngo mzabalazo wa basebenzi. Phansi nge Stallion Security phansi.

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