“Rise Motsoaledi People Rise”


Thursday 20 August 2009 by Dale

“Rise Motsoaledi People Rise”


Date: SUNDAY 26th July

Venue: MOTSOALEDI SPORTS FIELDS (emagrawundini)

Time: 4pm





We the people of Motsoaledi have been long forgotten. Every time the elections come we are promised “the development is coming”. Soon after the elections nothing comes. Our future and lives have been compromised for too long. As a result we are faced with all sorts of problems in our families and community at large.

We have made endless attempts to have electricity installed in our shacks. Instead the government decided that all we needed were pylon prison lights, which have been haphazardly erected. We think that these ‘lights were not for us, the people at Motsoaledi, but simply leftovers from the Bara Mall shopping complex. When government officials came to our community on elections day they needed more light in the polling station so they just took down some of the pylon lights. But we have no light in our homes. In the eyes of our politicians we are just things to be used when they need us to vote from them.

Instead of an improvement in the conditions in which we live, we find glitzy franchises, supermarkets, banks, chain stores and other retail brand stores right around the corner. These have nothing in common with poor people and are shielded from the realities of our community. Our local government prioritises their interests and needs above ours despite the fact that poor people came to this area long before the malls and other developments meant for the enjoyment of the few. We continue to be ignored.

For information contact:

Lindiwe – 076 859 5148 Nocedo 083 396 1417, Tulani 983 586 2195

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