SABC belongs to the PUBLIC not parties!

Tuesday 9 December 2008 by Nic

The ongoing fight between the political parties trying to control the South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC) is nothing but a clear indication that there’s a lot that’s needs to be solved within the institution.

Cope/ANC are not the custodians of the public interest

Every party is trying to make sure that its voice is heard and that their propaganda is listened to. Between the Congress of the People (Cope) or the African National Congress (ANC), there’s no difference. The parties are just fighting for a space and control over the SABC on how to best to use it as a media tool in their campaigns and to drown out critical voices from the public.

The working-class must fight for its space if SABC is to remain a public broadcaster. We have stories that will not be told while political parties occupy the space. Whoever succeeds in this race to win the SABC is not going to change and improve the lives of ordinary people. Instead, the same SABC will be used to cool them down and keep hoping that things will get better. We don’t think programmes like Cutting Edge will survive in Zuma’s leadership. Zuma’s ANC has shown that they are willing to destroy anything and everyone that gets in their way.

The APF is calling on communities and progressive organisations to support the Freedom of Expression Institute’s (FXI) Save the SABC campaign. We want free and fair reporting and a public broadcaster free from political parties’ pressure.

The Save the SABC campaign is holding a meeting to discuss the public broadcaster and how the ’public’ itself views the political fight over the SABC. Join the debate:

Saturday, 6 December 2008
Inkanyezi Primary School
Phiri, Soweto

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