Capacity struggle

Friday 14 December 2007



TNPC has failed to respond to our memorandum submitted on the 18th October 2007. TNPC has decided to ignore the legitimate problems of workers.

In fact, Capacity Outsourcing, drawing encouragement from TNPC’s lack of response, is continuing with their campaign against GIWUSA. They have now added a fourth charge to the shop steward. This is the charge: “You are accused of deliberately distributing derogatory information about the company in that: During your demonstrations and/or picketing at Johnnic Communications on 11 October 2007, you were seen handing out pamphlets containing information that is derogatory and offensive to the good name of the company. Your conduct is unacceptable as it constitutes breach of good faith upon which your employment at Capacity is based.”

First, Capacity Outsourcing undermines workers’ right to belong to a trade union of their choice by forcing them to resign from GIWUSA. If you belong to GIWUSA you are not entitled to be selected for work at TNPC.

Now, Capacity Outsourcing has gone a step further to suppress the freedom of expression of its employees. This fourth charge is nothing but an attempt to silence workers. Capacity Outsourcing wants to stop workers from speaking the truth.


At the head of Capacity Outsourcing stands Dr Frederick van Zyl Slabbert, an erstwhile democrat and liberal. The other day Van Zyl Slabbert formed part of the independent panel assessing whether parliament and its parliamentary portfolio committees are carrying out its democratic mandate. What right and credentials does Van Zyl Slabbert has to ensure that the constitution is observed in relation to parliament but the company which he is heading is violating basic constitutional rights?


We are outraged that TNPC is continuing to tolerate and encourage the violation of basic constitutional rights of workers by its labour broker on its premises. TNPC through its newspapers, the Star, Sunday Times, Business Day and others, cries foul whenever restrictions are placed on journalists’ right to publish critical articles. But in its own back-yard it tolerates these unconstitutional acts. This duplicity and hypocrisy must be exposed.

In 2005, a year or two after TNPC retrenched its permanent staff and used the service of labour brokers like Capacity Outsourcing, Independent Newspaper (SA) became ‘the star performer of the INM Group ( Independent News and Media Plc)’. It delivered a staggering “34,8 % increase in operating profit to Euro 41.8 million”.It also boasted that operating margins at Independent News and Media (SA) increased to 18,8%. This substantial increase is attributed to “ a combination of a strong double digit improvement in total revenues and the benefits of strong cost containment initiatives. These cost containment involved the massive retrenchment of permanent staff and the use of exploitative labour broker, Capacity Outsourcing. The bosses of TNPC benefits from the exploitation and suffering of workers.


As promised that if TNPC fails to address the issues raised in the last memorandum, mass action is continuing. The month of November is going to a month of mass action.

The mass action will include pickets, vigils, demonstrations, public exposure of key directors of these companies and mass marches. These actions are going take place on a number of days. TNPC and Capacity Outsourcing will know the type of action on the day of the action.


We are calling on all workers based TNPC to support the struggle to get rid of Capacity Outsourcing. We are calling members of CEPPWAWU and SATU to support this struggle for permanent employment with TNPC. We are calling all workers to support the mass action. Workers need to stand united against this oppressor of workers.

Phantsi Capacity Outsourcing, Phantsi !!!

For more information contact Lawrence Ntuli at (011) 333-8334 Issued by Capacity Workers Support Committee consisting of organizations of civil society.

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