APF Supports the cleaners strike

Friday 14 December 2007

Anti Privatisation Forum

APF supports your struggle against exploitation Cleaner’s employers are bad employers because they refuse to pay you, workers a living wage. You, workers you are demanding a 10 percent wage increase for urban workers and 15 percent for rural workers, a full month’s pay as an annual bonus and full contributions to provident funds .You deserve a wage increase, because like everyone else you need to buy clothes, food, send you children to school, pay rent etc. Your bosses have more money and we all know that recently they make huge profit at your expense. This symbolises the greed at the heart of capitalism.

If your bosses can find more money to pay themselves huge salary, they must also find the money to pay you, workers, a decent wage. Your employers must stop to enrich themselves by exploiting you, workers, and justify this with a free market spin. It is madness that your bosses are getting a big salary, because is not them who make profit, but the workers. For your strike to win, we need to also mobilise and win those workers who are working during the strike. Down with scab labour, asiwafuni amagondwane!! This is because amagundwane undermines our strike .Because if they continue to work our strike will not make a difference, will not affect the profit, will not hit the employers. We at APF we are saying everyone, including scab labour must support your strike. In order for you to win this fight for a living wage, we must convince amagundwane not to work during the strike.

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