Slavery and exploitation in the new democratic South Africa

The monster (Ishmael Dursots) v.s. the workers

Friday 14 December 2007


To: Ishmael Dursots

The Anti Privatisation Forum is a community based organisation that was established in July 2000 by activists and organisations involved in two key anti-privatisation struggles: the struggle against iGoli 2002 in Johannesburg, and the struggle against Wits 2001 at Wits University. The APF has affiliates from the unions, communities, students and the left. The APF’s role is to unite struggles against privatisation in the workplace and community. It is open to any organisation or individual opposed to privatisation. The APF links workers’ struggles for a living wage and jobs with community struggles for housing, water, electricity and fair rates and taxes. The APF has successfully linked struggles in communities in townships across Gauteng and around the world. We have made many solidarity links locally but also internationally with progressive organisations that share the same sentiments (Anti Debt movements- the repudiation of the Apartheid debt,.Anti War Movements against global wars in Palestine, Iraq, Darfur, DRC, etc) as the APF. It provides a forum for communities and workers to share their experiences and to strategies collectively.

Key issues that have been taken up by the APF include electricity cutoffs, evictions, and support for workers’ struggles against the privatisation of Johannesburg and Wits University. So after the dismissal of your workers at your factory in Eikenhof Misgand Road Plot 15 based on poor working conditions, exploitation and gross violation of many human & labour rights. Our organisation will be marching to your factory on the 29th November 2007 to deliver a memorandum of grievances.

We demand the following: 1. The Reinstatement of the unfairly suspended dismissed workers immediately. 2. The working conditions of the workers to be improved in the factory and the workers safety to be considered at all times 3. The exploitation of workers to stop immediately and workers earn a living wage and not the meager R250.00 a week. 4. The suppression of freedom of association and workers must join unions of their choice so that they can have protection for the workers. 5. The abuse of none documented workers from other countries to stop immediately and the closing of the concentration camp as people live in squalor conditions. 6. The closing down of the Dursots factory in Eikenhof Misgand Road Plot 15 if the workers are not reinstated immediately back to work. 7. The women workers must get maternity leave and all other workers benefits 8. The children who are staying in the camp must be provided with freedom of movement and the right to education

Yours sincerely Silumko Radebe (Organiser)

Telephone: 011 333 8334

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