Security Strike

Open letter of support to SATTAWU

Friday 14 December 2007

6th Floor Sanlam Center Cnr Jeppe& Von Wielligh Johannesburg 30 May 2006 RE: SATAWU General Secretary Randall Howard Security workers and the striking committee, we at the Anti-Privatization Forum support your fight for the 11% increase; four months paid maternity leave, better working conditions, the nightshift allowance, a meal break, right to use a toilet for all and the development and implementation of HIV/Aids policy.

It is a disgrace that the employers refuse to offer 11%while they become rich at your expense. You risk your lives protecting the property and lives of the wealthy, but your get nothing in return. Your action is clearly starting to bite and the employers are worried. Around the country, work is not being done. Despite the threats and bullying from the police and employers, we have to stay united and spread the action! We must try to win the support of other workers and the unemployed masses. We must also try to stop attempts by South African Security Employers Association to use scab labor during the strike. This undermines our fight for decent pay and we as the APF we have made attempts to speak to the building owners around Braamfontein not undermine your struggle. This is also done in some of our communities (22 affiliates), that they must speak to the scab workers to highlight the importance of your struggle.

It is also a request from the APF that you take this initiative to other unions and peoples organisation to speak to the scab labour not be used by the bosses as to derail our struggle. Clearly this is another tactic by the bosses to give the public a violent picture about our struggle and it has to be stopped. We condone violence by any means necessary but we acknowledge the fact that your struggle must continue. The state will send in police to intimidate your struggle but you have the support of the masses where power is.

We must not forget that our power lies at the site of the struggle and we have immense power, without our labor power, the employers will gain no profit. Let us also not forget that a battle for a living wage is the same battle against lack of service delivery in our townships. In the townships we must start to join the fight for jobs for all, free education, decent houses for all and affordable services, e.g. .water, electricity. We have to support the residents who are fighting for basic services as they are fighting for the same needs that you fighting for: a better life for all.

In support the APF is donating R500.00 to the striking committee and we request that it be used to strengthen your struggle of making more publicity and mobilization action for your struggle. We send in an open invitation to SATAWU to come and address our executive meeting so that we can make links with workers in the communities to address our mass meetings. This will help take forward your struggle in the communities and bring unity within the working class.

Anti Privatisation Forum SAYS:

• Viva security workers Viva • Qina msebenzi uzonqoba • Workers united will not be defeated • Fight Privatisation and exploitation • Forward to a living wage and the delivery of basic services under workers control

Yours in struggle Anti Privatisation Forum

Silumko Radebe (National Organiser) 158 Smit Street Braamfontein Tel: (011)339 4121 Fax: (011)339 4123 Cell: 0721737 268 e-mail: [email protected]


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