16 June

Reclaim the spirit of June 16

Friday 14 September 2007

This year South Africa commemorates the 31st anniversary of the 1976 Soweto uprising. It is regarded as the education for liberation struggle against apartheid. June 16 was a protest by pupils against the forced introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in black school, but we should never forget what the brutal underpinnings of apartheid education really were.

According to the 1976 June the youth was very active in the sense of fighting the students rights. The youth of 1976 was resisted against the Bantu education, whereby the apartheid regime was enforced that all the language should be tought by the Afrikaans. Then the youth started to resist and showing the apartheid government by boycotting classes and also toy toying through out the streets of Joburg. The struggle even was supported by the public workers and also the political organisation in the community during that period the youth did form the student’s movements such as Cosas, Paso and azasm.

Even the workers union did support the youth of 1976 uprising, in order to expose their demands to the apartheid government. Some of the youth were arrested and tortured and others were killed. The other youth have disappeared and their parents don’t know their whereabouts until now. The revolution of the youth of 1976 was not relinquished till the battle. During the1976 the youth were demanding the right to free quality education for all in entire levels. The APF TOOK UP THE STRUGGLE OF FREE QUALITY EDUCATION AT ALL LEVELS. THE APF TOGETHER WITH EDUCATION RIGHTS PROJRCT (ERP) WHERE ORGANISING AND MOBILISING STUDENTS AND MAKING THEM TO BE FIGHT FOR THEIR STUDENTS RIHTS.

The issue of exemption form together with students rights were taken up by the ERP together with APF in various schools in around GAUTENG .Some of the parents as well as students were not aware about students rights thereby a student has the right to premises of the school even if he/she hasn’t paid school fees ,uniform, over age, pregnancy, religion and culture difference. The principals and staff have no right to chase away student whose rights are violated.

The present government did outline the programme of no fees policy to the Government Gazette although other schools don’t appear in the list of Gauteng Provincial Schools. The ANC Government doesn’t approach parents, principals and even the student movements when they set up the programme of the no fees policy. The community doesn’t understand the criteria that were used in choosing some of the schools because some of the schools chosen are in the same area or community but others were not selected. The ANC government stated clearly that if any principal seeking school fees from the student or parents should be fine or arrested with a six month jail sentence. The APF is still monitoring the implementation of the no fees policy

HIV/AIDS: According to statistics in South Africa, about 4 million people are HIV positive and half a million have aids. The APF say all government hospital should hire more staff to reduce the level HIV& Aids patients. Roll out Anti retroviral treatment for all people living with HIV/aids for free. More young people today still die from aids

Unemployment: More than One million young people lost jobs under the ANC ruling government, is a record worse than at any other period in this country’s history of capitalism. ANC policies like gear have created massive unemployment, poverty, humiliation and crime among youth in South Afrika.

The enjoyment of free, quality and equitable public education remains a distant dream for millions of poor South Africans. Despite South Africa having more than adequate resources to turn that dream into a reality, the educational system in our country continue to reflect both past and present class and racial inequalities a direct result of government implementation of GEAR inspired education policies that seek to privatize the provision of education by handing over increasing responsibility to private communities through so called decentralization.

A situation in which education official and school authorizes in poor communities turn to the private sector for assistance and consequently adapt curricula to the needs of the capitalist market as opposed to the needs of society. A serious lack of sports - recreational facilities and equipment for schools.

Public school and their curriculum should be separate from religion [secular] without any discrimination against particular religious dress codes.




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