A short report of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the APF

Friday 14 September 2007

The Anti-Privatization Forum held its second AGM from 24 to 26 March in Johannesburg. Attended by representatives from 22 affiliates of the APF, other social movements and progressive Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the AGM was a resounding success.

The aim of the AGM had three major tasks, namely the discussion of the political orientation of the APF, formulating practical proposals on organisational question and the election of new office bearers.

The political orientation of the APF is an important question was debated at the AGM. Some comrades argued for an orientation to spontaneous uprisings in the townships such as Khutsong. Others argued for an orientation to COSATU and its unions. At the end there was an agreement the APF should orientate to struggles in the communities and unions.

There was also a discussion about the fact that many comrades in the APF are unemployed and that undermines their ability to sustain themselves as activists. Some comrades saw this as an important question and suggested that a project coordinator position be created in the office bearers. The meeting agreed with that and added that the position needs to include campaigns. There was also an agreement that politics of projects be discussed in one of the workshops. In other words, the APF has to develop an approach which uses projects and cooperatives as a tool for building solidarity and sustaining the unemployed comrades.

The AGM did not exhaust all the issues on the agenda. The constitutional amendments, organisational questions and affiliation were deferred to the next coordinating committee.

The AGM elected the following comrades as office bearers :-

Chairperson : Bricks Mokolo Deputy Chairperson : John Appolis Secretary: Noxolo Dlamini Deputy Secretary: Mpho Maduna Treasurer: Dale McKinley Project and Campaign Co-ordinator: Phineas Malapela

By Noxolo Dlamini and Mpho Maduna (the APF Secretariat)

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