APF concludes second AGM


Monday 24 April 2006 by Dale

Monday 24th April 2006


The Anti Privatisation Forum held its second Annual General Meeting (AGM) from the 24th to the 26th of March 2006 in Johannesburg. Over 200 delegates from all of the APF’s 20 community affiliates from the Johannesburg, the Vaal, East Rand and Tshwane regions, the APF’s two political group affiliates, as well as individual activists and representatives from several APF allies, attended the three-day event to add fire to the Forum’s campaigns for the provision of basic services, to resolve organisational issues, and to elect new office bearers to lead the organisation.

Unity was the central theme of the AGM - this in the context of a difficult political and organisational period for social movements in general, and which has not spared the APF. Not being a preconceived ideal, unity in the APF was strengthened by the recognition of, and debate over, the various challenges facing the organisation.

The local government elections may have passed and the votes corralled and counted, but how is the struggle in poor communities for human dignity, basic services, freedom of expression/assembly and meaningful democracy to be taken forward when: the poll is past and Khutsong still smoulders; while residents of Jabavu tear out the prepaid water meters that Johannesburg Water shamelessly calls ‘Freepay’; and, while the abahlali base Shoshanguve are still in their shacks?

As the APF and other movements take shape in resistance to capitalist power and the poverty it breeds, the members/activists of the APF used the AGM to make our own plans to continue the struggle. Significant among these was the decision to widen and deepen the possibilities of practical alternatives through APF initiated community activities and projects.

The new office bearers elected at the AGM of the APF are: Chairperson - Bricks Mokolo; Deputy Chairperson - John Apollis; Secretary - Noxolo Dlamini; Deputy Secretary - Mpho Maduna; Treasurer - Dale McKinley; Projects and Campaigns Co-ordinator - Phineas Malepela


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